Saturday, July 16, 2011

When Procrastination Comes to Visit

As I sit here writing, I'm struggling a bit. Not with energy, not with discouragement, not with sadness or anger... I'm struggling with distraction. I've got zillions of things going through my head. Will I get the kids' rooms cleaned before they get home from their dad's? What time should I wake up tomorrow to get to the gym so that I can shower and still get to church on time? Why haven't I started on that essay that's due tomorrow by midnight? Do the kids miss me? Oh no, we're running out of groceries; I'd better get to the store before the kids get home Wednesday! Should I walk the dog now or in an hour? Could I steal some lazy time and watch Friday Night Lights (the finale is recorded-why did that show have to end?)? What's that smell? Probably something in the gargage. I'd better take that out. How long will it take to lose the binge weight and can I safely do that without losing the strength gains I'm working toward for next competition season? I probably spent too much money at Marshalls on those new workout shirts; they are nice though. Only 9.99 for a 35.00 shirt ain't too bad---unless you buy five of them. Am I nutty for thinking about all of this instead of focusing on that paper I'm supposed to be writing?
Do you ever have moments like that? Usually, what keeps me from getting the studying or schoolwork done when I want to get it done is overwhelming fatigue, not a flood of unrelated distracting thoughts. The feeling that I have so much to do and so little time to do it seems to invite my good old friend, Procrastination, into my home. She's sitting right here on the couch with me, thanking me for such a comfy place to spend the evening. I guess there are times that it seems easier to procrastinate than settle on that one thing that absolutely must get done.
So, why am I writing about this on a blog that is related to fitness? Well, when talking to clients who feel stuck or defeated when it comes to reaching their goals, I often hear similar things come from them. They feel like they just can't focus on their diet or on their workouts because there's just too much to get done. Further discussion usually brings some clarity to the situation, regardless of how complicated it all is. Most of the time, my clients will share with me that they're bombarded with the needs of work, their children, their husbands, etc. Sometimes, they're just frozen like I am now. They will find one excuse after the other to cancel an appointment with me, to splurge on just one more piece of pizza (like I did last night), or just throw in the towel altogether. I've actually had clients who've paid me hundreds of dollars for several sessions, knowing it's non-refundable and give up after only two or three sessions because "This is just all overwhelming to me right now." That's when I say, "Come on. Let's get going. Are you worth this or not?" You just cannot stay in that frozen state and expect to achieve anything at all. If you want a degree (like I do), eventually you've got to get to work. If you want to lose some weight, you've got to get moving and make the edible changes that don't take a rocket scientist to figure out. If you don't know what to do, ask someone who does. You really are worth it! There's not a single reason that any of us should be sitting around on our bums feeling sorry for ourselves for not being where we want to be in life. We have so many resources at our disposal to help us reach the goals that we want to reach that most excuses are really not worth even voicing.
Roadblocks? Yes, they absolutely do exist. Sometimes, you can actually get around them or climb over them. Disappointingly, there are times that the roadblocks cannot be passed or climbed over. So, if you're are honestly giving it your all to reach the goals that you've set for yourself and one of those gigantic roadblocks is in your way, drop to your knees and ask God if your heart is set on the right kind of goals that He wants you to have. You may find that reaching your goals would put you in a place that would hinder you from being the person God designed you to be. If that's the case, it's not a failure; it's merely a redirection. You may be unwittingly headed to Timbuktu instead of the Promised Land.
Now, let's say you had a roadblock and you got to the other side of it. Chances are you learned something along the way of that difficult, burdensome journey. Don't keep it to yourself. Who knows? You may just be providing someone with the inspiration they need to climb over some monster-sized hurdles in their own lives. I can't tell you how many times someone has openly shared a past or present struggle that they worked through which inspired me to get through something similar. Praise God for those inspirational people in my life!
Alright, off of my soapbox I go. I'm kicking Procrastination out of the house; she's eating up my productive energy. Time to walk the dog and then get this brain wrapped around some short stories by DH. Lawrence and Shirley Jackson for my literature class essay. And then, Friday Night Lights. The rest of it all will just have to wait til tomorrow. Priorities, baby....

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