Sunday, January 1, 2012


This is my year...
My year to compete with extra muscularity and more leanness
My year to finish my NASM certification (another personal training certification)
My year to increase my revenue and decrease my time on the road
My year to graduate from Liberty University with my degree (want to finish before Joshua graduates from high school).
My year to find a consistent training partner who is not afraid or uncomfortable spotting me when picking up and putting down big weights.
My year to keep my client newsletter updated and sent regularly.
My year to maintain spiritual growth and accountability with close Christian friends.
I'm worth it!

It's your year too! What will you do this year? What are your personal goals? What would you like to accomplish? Put it down, tell everyone that you can what those goals are and when you plan to reach them, and do it!!! You're Worth It too!!!

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