Sunday, January 15, 2012

Progress better than I thought

Okay, proof is in the pudding. Before the willingness to face the truth of progress pictures, I was nervous. My coach, Dr. Layne Norton, requested progress photos and my immediate thought was, "Uh oh, I'm not sure I want to see yet...". Looking at the numbers on the scale, I was sure I'd see progress yet to be made rather than progress already made. Boy was I wrong! Much to my surprise, even with crummy posing, what I saw was a wider back, fuller glutes and quads, stronger shoulders, and a leaner than believed physique.
Numbers on a scale serve only a partial purpose. Without an opportunity to visually assess your physique, you only get part of the truth. Regardless of whether you like the picture-taking, this is a must if you want to know what that number on the scale means for you individually.
The good, the bad, the ugly.... Take those pictures. This week, next week, the following week... Then pat yourself on the back when you see the final "after" picture.
Here I will begin posting my weekly pictures and keep you posted on my personal progress. The journey back to the stage is a big one and I'm inviting you to join my in my ups and downs.

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